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Gender Equity


Burn Survivors Care & Support

Vidiyal is a rehabilitation centre for Women Burn Survivors of Domestic Violence.

TF provided technical communication support to the team; starting with a needs assessment, creating a project identity, and developing interactive tools for survivors, their caregiver and health workers.

(Partner : PCVC - International Foundation for
Crime Prevention and Victim Care, 2015)

Care & Support Posters    download preview
Survivors Workbook   download preview

Pictorial Handbook for
Elected Women Representatives

This reference booklet was created for a new generation of empowered women entering the arena of local governance. The booklet covers basics of the Panchayati Raj Institution, with special focus on Gender and Women's Health issues.

(Partner : CEDPA India, being tested in Bihar, 2013)

EWR Booklet   download preview



Diversity in Society

This pictorial game toolkit (a.k.a. the 'DIS' kit) was originally developed for the We Can Campaign, to enable Change Makers to discuss the issue of identity based conflicts, fundamentalism, and its impact on Gender discrimination and violence.

The tool has subsequently been used in a wider context. In 2012-13, it was tested with organisations in West Bengal, Orissa, Gujarat (India) and Sindh (Pakistan).

(Partner : Oxfam GB 2009 - 2013)

DIS kit

Change Makers Tools

These tools were created for the We Can South Asia regional campaign. The campaign is aimed at building capacities to end violence against women.

Games, workbooks, posters and films were designed for use by campaign volunteers - the Change Makers - to start a dialogue on Gender and VAW issues with their peers and communities.

(Partner : We Can Campaign, 2005 - 2012)

OK or NOT game box

lots more...

Ideas That Work!

"Exploring practical actions in humanitarian response work to reduce gender based vulnerability and violence"

This toolkit draws from innovative real-world examples to make the case for gender sensitive design in disaster responses. The kit can be used to conduct workshops at peace times - to enable programme staff and engineers consider women's experiences, and examine a range of effective solutions.

(Partner : Oxfam GB South Asia, 2011)

ITW kit


Domestic Violence Act In Pictures

This set of display / posters were developed to enable grassroots community workers explain the salient features of the DV Act (2005) to the community stakeholders - women, men, members of the local government, and the police.

The set comprises 4 posters, and a booklet that can be handed out. These were tested and used by Oxfam partners in Orissa and Jharkhand, and are currently being tested for use by organisations in Andhra Pradesh.

(Partner : Oxfam Trust, 09 - 10)

DV Act EN posters / booklet   download preview

DV Act in pictures posters and booklet


Training toolkit for Poor Women's Economic Leadership Processes (Oxfam)

This interactive communication tool kit is designed for use by Oxfam staff, partners and community members associated with PWEL processes, income generation and livelihood projects.

(Partner : Oxfam GB 07 - 08)

PWEL kit


Youth Awards for Social Initiatives

2006 - 2007 : Gender Equality

Youth Awards for Social Initiatives (YASI) is planned as a periodic competitive event, open to youth networks including college students, NSS volunteers, and NYK member organisations. In 2006 - 07, the project theme was Gender Equality.

(Partner : We Can Campaign 2006 - 07)

YASI logo

more about YASI | YASI 06 - 07 : Gender Equality

Gender & Emergencies

This is a set of flash cards developed for Oxfam's partner organisations working in the flood prone basins of Bihar and Assam.

The cards help community workers to discuss gender equity issues with communities as a part of the disaster preparedness capacity building work.

(Partner : Oxfam GB, East India Office, 2005)

Gender and Emergency cards


Gender Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed in collaboration with Oxfam GB, East India Office, for Oxfam's partner organisations in Jharkhand and Orissa. The toolkit is usable at the community level by members of 'pressure groups'. The activities are structured to clarify concepts of gender and gender based violence and to explore ways of challenging social practices that allow gender based inequities.

(Collaborator : Oxfam GB, East India Office, 2004)

GVAW kit

Training Kit for Self Help Groups

This kit has been developed in collaboration with CARE West Bengal. It is designed to assist field workers, self help group leaders understand and share concepts related to self help group formation and functioning among rural women.

(Partner : Care WB, 2004)



International Campaign
Protesting Violence Against Women

Swayam, a women's organisation based in Kolkata, has been commemorating the 'International Fortnight Protesting Violence Against Women and Girls' through annual events.
These are some of the material developed specifically for Swayam's campaigns over the last few years.

(Partner: Swayam, Women Against Violence, 2001 - 2003)



That Takes Ovaries
Bold Females and their Brave Acts

TTO is an open mike platform where ordinary everyday women inspire each by sharing true stories of oestrogen powered deeds ranging from the playful to the political. It is a celebration of feisty women and girls who push the boundaries, break the rules and have great fun doing it. The concept was originated by author Rivka Solomon, who is currently based in the U.S.

(Initiative by Mira Kakkar)
That Takes Ovaries
TTO session on Women's Day , 2004

Legal rights of commercial sex workers

This was a six month project in Kolkata, aimed to increase legal awareness among female commercial sex-workers with the help of visual communication materials. The premise was that despite the confusing laws on prostitution, commercial sex-workers have certain legal rights, and could benefit from knowing that the police are also bound by certain laws and procedures.

(Supported by Sanlaap 1992, coordinated by Caroline Sleighthom)


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