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Youth Issues

Since 2000, we have been experimenting with models for Youth in Social Action. Over the years, we have tried to refine the programmes to be more inclusive and sustainable. This has also led to design of new learning tools. Here is an overview...

youth resource cell members discuss levels of participation through pictorial aids.

Youth Resource Cells (YRC) Project

The YRC project involves incubation of community based youth groups through a range of programmes; including a year long Fellowship, Community Action Projects and Camps.

(2007 Ongoing)

Youth Camp at Orissa

Youth Resources

Interactive learning resources are integral to the YRC model, and have been evolving since 2007. These are initially used to train Youth Trainers, Fellows, and some YRC members at camps. The resources are then handed over to each YRC for use within their respective communites.

Tools are designed in collaboration with young people to ensure that they are easy to learn and use, are culturally appropriate, and relevant in the context of the YRC members. Young people contribute to the development of the tools by giving feedback at various stages of testing, and by sharing experiences that are adapted and incorporated.

Apart from tools developed by TF, YRCs have access to TFs library of books, films and music, that have been identified for the purpose. Also being used are some of the existing interactive tools, such as Champa and Shankar Kits, IML HIV Kit, Watsan Kit, Changemakers Tools


YRC Reference Handbooks

These resources are being developed as the YRC idea evolves, to capture some of the key ideas of the project. They are meant to be used by YRC members in their journey to build and sustain their groups. One set of reference handbooks are given to each YRC. Several more handbooks are in development and may eventually combined.

(2008 ongoing)

Energisers, Ice-Breakers & Games   email-link preview

Youth Resource Primers

YRC Interactive Learning Tools

These are used by YRC leader to facilitate discussions and build skills. Some of these are designed as large format games which are useful in youth camps and special events.

Life Skills - Peer Educators' Tool

This tool comprises a set of guide cards - one for each of 6 life skils, and a set of 3 "situation stories" for each skill. The stories are adapted from current and real experiences of young people.

Youth Participation Ladder

This is a set of picture cards that can be used to have a group discussion on the meaning of youth participation, identify where on the ladder a particular YRC is, explore where the group wants to be, and how they can get there.

Group Building Game

This is a large format game that helps youth group members explore the different ways in which a Youth Resource Cell can engage with the community. The objective of the game is to identify typical "problems" in the community and match them against possible acions that Youth groups can take.

The Blue Planet Game

This is a game on Environmental issues. It is a large format game that enables up to a dozen participants to play together.

Laugh & Cry Game

This is a simple game about exploring feelings. It has been designed to provide a structured way for YRC leaders to regularly engage neighbourhood children and keep track of their emotional health. Often used along with the Storybox Game.

(2009 ongoing)

Youth Resource Life Skills Activity

Youth Resource Group Building game


YRC Workbooks

Every member of a YRC receive a set of workbooks which are designed to be completed over a number of group sessions. The activities are facilitated by a YRC leader, while the workbooks are filled in and maintained by individual members. Some key activities are revisited periodically so that members can reflect on the changes. Workbooks are preserved by each member as a record reminder of their journey. More workbooks are in development and some of these may eventually be combined.

(2009 ongoing)

Exploring My World EN   email-link preview
Exploring My World BN   email-link preview
Exploring My World (Children) EN   email-link preview
Neighbourhood Diaries Workbook   email-link preview

Youth Resource Self Exploration Workbook



Young people are a resource. Their positive energy can be guided to contribute towards social needs. Youth Awards for Social Initiatives (YASI) has been conceived to motivate young people, and empower them to engage with issues that concern them and their communities.

YASI is planned as a periodic competitive event, open to youth networks including college students, NSS volunteers, and NYK member organisations. The Awards are a part of a larger capacity building strategy planned around providing special training on a variety of social issues, and enabling youth groups to evolve into community development hubs.

2004 - 2005 : HIV/AIDS
2006 - 2007 : Gender Equality

Youth Awards for Social Initiatives logo

Ignited Minds

The Ignited Minds Project was a TF initiative for research and innovation in partnership with youth. The project aimed to create resources and programmes to empower young people to take initiatives towards positive social change. This has been replaced by the Youth Resource Cells Project since 2007.

(2001 - 2007)

Youth workshop in progress



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