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about us

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Thoughtshop Foundation was registered under the Societies Act on March 17, 1993.

The organisation was established by a group of professionals dedicated to creating new and effective ways of dealing with social issues, with the aim to educate, motivate and empower for social change.


what we do


Health Communications : Research, Development and Training

On our own initiative, as well as for other organisations, we develop behaviour change communication strategies, participatory, community friendly tools and training software. Field research involving our users and audiences is integral to the development process.

Finally, we train field workers on how to best use the tools to ensure that the total communication is clear, convincing, participatory and enjoyable.

    Young People's Empowerment Programme

    We believe in the potential of young people to become agents of social change. Holistic development of young people, both adolescents and youth, has been a sustained theme in most of our work.

    We have consolidated this as an independent initiative since 1999 to include special workshops for and by young people.

who we are


The Thoughtshop Foundation family comprises people from varied backgrounds. The key persons are:

who funds us


    Our outreach programme on gender has been supported by the We Can Campaign (2007 - 11).

    In 2007-08, our Youth Resource Cells Project was partially supported by Pravah. During 2009 - 11, the project was partially supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust. SRTT has continued to support the YRC through its next cycle - upto 2014.

Indienhilfe e.V. Herrsching has been supporting our Youth Action Group (YAG) programme since 2011. The YAG programme incorporates learning from the YRC process to build sustainable youth communities in remote areas.

    Till 2011, we raised funds through consultancies, which were invested in self initiated action research & developments and on our Youth Programme.

    Since 2011, all work in Thoughtshop Foundation is supported by funders and donors.

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