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Ignited Minds

    This project was run as a TF initiative between 2001 and 2007, and has been replaced by the Youth Resource Cells Project since.

The project aimed to create resources and programmes to empower young people to take initiatives towards positive social change.


It's My Life : Youth Curriculum : participatory workshops designed to help young people become agents of change.


Youth Leadership Programme provided opportunities for educated, urban youth to develop a wider social awareness, and to play a leadership role amongst their peers. It was held in a non-judgmental space, so that young people can freely discuss sensitive issues. Regular activities included film screening & discussions, workshops and events. Promising young people get the opportunity to attend outstation workshops and trainings. As they get trained, young people are encouraged to organise and facilitate programmes independently.


Youth In Networks Programme helped us keep in touch with youth networks which reach out to large numbers of young people. We worked with the college based National Service Scheme (NSS); the Nehru Yuvak Kendra (NYK) which works with youth clubs and the National Cadet Corps (NCC) who work with uniformed youth. We conducted training workshops to build capacity of youth through these networks. To create an enabling environment, training programmes were also sometimes conducted for teachers and coordinators.


Youth Action Group Programme reached out to young people in slum based communities, to address various need based issues. We held training workshops on issues such as gender, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and water/sanitation. We often identified peer leaders within these groups and encourage them to take initiatives on issues chosen by them.


Youth Camp: In December 2006, we had our first 3 nights "under the open sky" residential camp with youth leaders. By day, the team of boys and girls brushed up their facilitation skills, conceived a street play on gender issues, and performed it at a local village square. Through the camp, the young people explored team spirit & co-operation, self-reliance, and making the best use of minimal resources. Many such camps have been organised since.

Youth workshop in progress
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Urban young people sharing views

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Cadets after workshop

Youth group : moments before their slum based awareness initiative

Youth Camp '06

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