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It's My Life

Part of It's My Life series | also see Ignited Minds and Youth Awards


This package has been designed for use in schools and colleges, although it can used with low literacy groups as well. The ideal group size is about 50 participants, and it takes about 2 hours to conduct the complete session.



Rather than deal with theoretical and historical information about HIV, this package raises issues related to attitudes and behaviour change amongst young people, acknowledging the different kinds of experiences young people are likely to go through.

Available in 2 language versions : Hindi + English and Bengali + English

The games and activities have been tested for over a year by trainers and peer educators in schools, colleges and slums.

The kit includes a manual with helpful extras to help NGOs and individuals use the kit as a part of an ongoing programme.

About the kit

This HIV Kit is a structured around three participatory activities.

  • Before getting started with the activities, trainers could use the film Invisible Virus. The film was made for the Youth Awards Project, and sets the context for youth involvement and the activities that follow.

  • The first activity is a magical demonstration that helps establish some basic facts about the HIV.

  • The second activity is a risk game. In this activity illustrated cards are used, showing different risk situations. The point of the game is to apply the learning from the first activity to assess the degree of risk in every situation.

  • The last activity is an audio quiz. The audio tape included in the kit has 6 skits that deal with social aspects of HIV. The point of the quiz is to discuss subjective issues.

What the HIV/AIDS Kit Contains

Box dimensions : 10.25" Tall x 13.5" Wide x 3.25" Deep

The kit is packaged as a handy box containing the manual, plastic cups, chemicals, a tiny spoon, a pack of cards, an audio tape and a small towel.

IML HIV Kit shell

Activity 1 : Magical Demonstration

provided : 12 cups, alkali, indicator

In this activity volunteers play "exchange body fluids" with cups of water, not knowing that one cup has been "fixed" with an invisible chemical. This is to demonstrate that HIV is invisible, that it spreads fast through exchange of body fluids, and it takes special tests to detect HIV in the body.

chemicals for  Magical Demonstration

Activity 2 : Risk Game

provided : 21 illustrated cards

Participants are given cards with pictograms showing various situations. They must decide whether or not body fluids are exchanged, and assess the level of risk

Risk Game Cards

Download printable card set, in English & Hindi
IML HIV Kit EH cards.pdf (413 Kb)


Activity 3 : Audio Quiz

provided : audio tape with skits

Participants are divided into teams, and face questions based on the skits they hear. The questions explore emotions, actions and their consequences.

Tape for  Audio Quiz


Illustrated Manual

Apart from step by step guide on facilitation of the activities, the manual includes these sections that users might find quite useful...


Convincing Principals: This is a short article with facts and figures to help headmasters, principals and students realise the urgency of the HIV / AIDS situation, and the need for awareness programmes.

Sample Pre & Post test questionnaire: a list of questions requiring simple yes/no answers are formatted so they can be easily used.

Glossary: this list of frequently used words and phrases is very handy especially when the kit is used in different languages by the same facilitator.

FAQ: frequently asked questions that facilitators must be able to deal with. Especially useful for young peer facilitators.



Manual in the box

IML HIV Kit E manual.pdf (642 Kb)
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