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    Some of the projects described here have been included with permission from Himalini's personal portfolio, representing projects that she has worked on as an independent consultant.
    Drawing of "schoolgirl" by Koli, a street kid


Community Based Protection of Children

Since early 2014, Youth Resource Cells have been empowered to work with community children, with the aim of providing sustained holistic support, protection against trafficking, abuse, early marriage, and instilling values of gender-equality and inclusion.

Each YRC is equipped to reach out to 150 younger people in the neighbourhood. Youth Peer Leaders use a variety of playway tools to keep in touch children, maintain copies of important documents, and track their physical and emotional progress.

(thoughtshop foundation, 2014)

Child Rights Game Board

Child Rights Now

This Board Game and workshop tool was developed for young community based facilitators of the Youth Resource Cells. The main board is large - about three feet square, so that upto 20 children can gather around it.

The simpler levels can be played with children to discuss basics of child rights, while the higher levels are designed to help youth trainers analyse and plan. During development, the tool has been tested with a wide range of audiences in Bengal and Orissa

(thoughtshop foundation, 2012)

Game Guide Book   download preview
Child Rights Game Board

My Childhood My Right

Communication design for UNICEF pilot campaign against early marriage in Purulia and Malda districts of West Bengal.

(Partner : UNICEF West Bengal, 2009)
My Childhood My Right


Streetkids Rights and Safety

CINI Asha had identified the need to have child friendly communication tools for use with street children and adolescents to discuss the issue of child sexual abuse.

Their programme reaches out to children through various intervention strategies such as half way homes, drop in centres, evening coaching centres and night shelters. CINI Asha would train its field staff to use these materials directly with children, or their guardians, as appropriate.

(Partner : CINI ASHA, 2007)

Workbook, storybook, and a calendar


Reading is Fun!

This is an interactive CD ROM to help teachers learn innovative methods adopted under the Reading Guarantee Programme (RGP). It includes video clips on classroom techniques and use of specialised tools, FAQs on RGP methodology and implementation.

(Partner : UNICEF Kolkata, 2007)



Poster on Sign Language

IDCS India had identified a need for raising awareness on sign language. Traditional practices of education of deaf children emphasises on spoken and written languages, at the cost of denying deaf children and their families the option of integrating sign language in the process of understanding and learning.

(Partner : IDCS-India, 2007)
IDCS-India is the Indian partner of the International Deaf Children's Society, UK.

IDCS poster



"Indian Initiative of Child Centered HIV & AIDS Approach" is a project with two basic objectives: 1) to promote communication between parents & children affected by HIV, and help children cope with their current situation. 2) to create a supportive environment for people living with HIV and ensuring sustainability through the formation of support groups at the community level.

(Partner : CINI, 2007)

"My wish"  Video CD


Connecting, Coping & Caring

A manual for caregivers working with children in difficult circumstances. This publication was developed from notes and observations made during workshops with caregivers from different organisations in India and Bangladesh.

(Publication Design for Sanjog, Groupe Developpement's South Asian chapter on child protection, Kolkata, 2006)

Connecting, Coping & Caring   download preview

book cover

Street Children : Awareness

"The world through the eyes of street children" was a traveling exhibition of drawings done by street children, showing their experiences and how they perceive themselves; supported by their stories and photographs.

The material was documented at Connaught Place and the Chandni Chowk market area in Delhi over a period of 3 weeks.

(Developed for Butterflies Programme for Street and Working Children, New Delhi, 1993)

Street Children : Education

Khelo aur Seekho (Play and Learn)

This is a package of educational games for street children. It was developed keeping in mind the interests of street and working children, and it attempts to make learning fun.

The package comprises nine games; on language, functional maths, personal history, social issues and hygiene. The games use popular film stars and other techniques to keep the children involved.

(Developed for Butterflies Programme for Street and Working Children, New Delhi, 1995)

Hero ya Zero

A set of three games and exercises on values, savings and nutrition & hygiene developed for street and working children. The values game helps the children realise what makes a person a good human being.

The savings game helps children realise the importance and usefulness of saving money in the bank. The nutrition and hygiene game helps the children learn healthy food and nutrition habits.

    image Hamida, 8 years old and hard at work

    Street kids playing in a school ground
    image For a while, being the kids that they should be

    SK Educational Package
    image "Khelo aur Seekho" package for Street Kids

    Savings Game Board
    image Board game where you win if you keep saving your daily earning, and invest them wisely.

Advocacy on the Rights of the Child

The project aimed to create awareness on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child among different target groups. A variety of communication solutions were developed including posters, comic books, an innovative desk calendar cum directory of services for children.

(Developed for Butterflies Programme for Street and Working Children, New Delhi, 1993 -1998)


Special Needs of Children during Floods

Awareness Campaign
Following the relief operations of the West Bengal floods of 2000, Save the Children, felt the need to launch an awareness campaign highlighting the special needs of children during emergencies.

SCF wanted to target government officials, donor organisations, local organisations and individuals to include children's needs in their relief operations.

(Partner: Save the Children Fund UK, West Bengal Office. 2001)

Remember Me?

Educational aid for Children with learning Difficulties

The project involved developing a step-by-step approach to teaching the concept of time to children with cerebral palsy and learning difficulties. This was part of a package on functional maths.

(Partner: Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, Kolkata. 1992)

moina with the clock-board


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