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"...Children comprise a critical section among people living with HIV/AIDS. They demand support both in terms of fighting the disease, in case of being infected, as well as preparing for the future in the absence of parental care incase HIV claims the life of one or both parents..."

excerpt from IICCHAA project summary
"My Wish" story book cover
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Project IICCHAA (Indian Initiative for Child Centered HIV & AIDS Approach) is a pilot initiative by CINI, with technical support from Healthlink Worldwide UK, to integrate a child centered approach to the existing HIV/AIDS intervention.

The pilot is based in rural and urban settings in West Bengal, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh.

The IICHAA toolkit is available with CINI in English, Hindi, Bengali

The project has two basic objectives:

  • Promote communication between parents and children infected and affected by HIV, and help children cope with their current situation.

  • Create a supportive environment for people living with HIV and ensuring sustainability through the formation of support groups at the community level.

About the kit

Based on the initial communication needs assessment, meetings with the project team and parents and children, and visits to project communities, the following communication challenges were identified as priorities:

  1. Building empathy for children affected by HIV.

  2. Communicating the importance of Disclosure & Acceptance of HIV status.

  3. Sensitising parents on issues related to health, education, nutrition, communication and protection of children.

  4. Stimulating communication between parents & children and introduction to "memory work".

In its final form, the toolkit is structured so that components may be used by the different users for specific purposes.




Issues addressed

Project Counsellors

Parents, Children, Community

story book | vcd | flashcards | memory book


Project Outreach workers

Parents, Community

posters | vcd


Affected Parents & Children

Parents and Children

picture story book | memory book


Community Posters

These were developed for use within IICCHAA project areas where some level of community sensitisation has already been done. The posters are reminders to the community about their role in the care and support of families affected by HIV & AIDS.

English Posters (500 KB)


IICHAA community poster 1

IICHAA community poster 2

Poster 1 "What can we as panchayat do to help families affected by HIV & AIDS?".


Poster 2 "What can we do to help families affected by HIV & AIDS?" addresses members of the community; teachers, health workers, neighbours and youth club leaders.

"My Wish" Picture Story Book

This is an illustrated story based on the first hand accounts by children affected by HIV & AIDS, designed as a take-home for parents and children following an initial workshop. Story chapters end with a set of questions for parents to help explore issues such as disclosure, communication and memory work.

story book

"My Wish" Picture booklet

English (MashaE.pdf, 1.3 Mb)

"My Wish" Video CD

This is a start-&-stop audio visual version of the storybook, for screening at workshops with parents, children or members of the community. For the facilitator, the package contains a guide book with questions to stimulate discussions with specific audiences.


"My Wish"  VCD

View the video excerpt of "My wish"
(last 2 chapters, English)

English CD Guide (4 MB)


Flashcards on Parenting

A set of 20 illustrated cards on five key issues: health, education, nutrition, communication and protection. The cards have images of typical situations, graded from "undesirable" to "desirable", and a set of discussion-questions.

This tool can be used flexibly by a counsellor to identify specific parenting issues, and to motivate parents to examine or modify their attitudes and behaviour.

English Parenting Flashcards (1 MB)


Parenting flash cards

"Memory Book"

A set of illustrated activity sheets with suggestions on things parents and children can do together to keep a record of precious memories. These activities are meant to be guided and monitored by a counsellor / facilitator.
The sheets are designed to be inserted into a clear-book that will be used as a "Scrap Book of Memories" that grow with each activity.

English Memory Workbook (1.5 MB)


Memory Book Pages
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