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Change Makers

Also See Changemakers Tools | Urban toolkit

Changemakers workbooks are available to We Can Campaign Alliance partners in these languages : Bengali, Oriya, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Gujarati and Nepali (Jan 07)
Changemakers Workbooks 1 to 10


Like the Gender Toolkit, the Changemakers Workbook uses simple pictorial activities to raise questions about gender, patriarchy and violence. The activities are graded in 10 sequential stages. Unlike its counterpart, the workbooks have been re-designed for self-use. The activities have been adapted and condensed into 10 reusable cards.

Workbook Format

Each Workbook begins with a question, which serves to focus on a specific issue. This is followed by step by step instructions for simple activities like sorting, matching and pairing.

CMW cover

These activities are to be done with the set of pictures inside the cards. It helps the user explore the background and answers to the issue. The picture page is laminated so that colour pencils or sketch pens can be used, and then wiped off.

This helps a changemaker to use the same tool to reach out and involve other people in discussions around gender and violence.

CMW inside spread

Answers, explanations and additional information are provided at the back. Each workbook ends with a changemakers pledge around the issue of focus.

Activities are distributed in two booklets of 20 pages each. Volume I has activities 1 to 5, and volume II has activities 6 to10.

English volume 1 (CMW1-5E.pdf, 741 Kb)
English volume 2 (CMW6-10E.pdf, 2.5 MB)
Hindi volume 2 (CMW6-10H.pdf, 588 Kb)

CMW back

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