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Change Makers
Urban toolkit

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Changemakers (CMs) are a growing community of inspired people who have resolved to end all violence against women. They have promised to make small but significant changes in their own lives and set examples for others to follow.

This toolkit is one of several that have been developed for CMs, for their own reference, and also to spread the word on gender inequalities.


More information about Changemakers and the We Can Campaign is available on the We Can Website.

CM Urban toolkits are available to alliance partners in English and Hindi (Aug 08)
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Folder | 10 Stories... | Kaun Banega CM
Test Your GQ | Power of One
| Certificate

CM Urban toolkit folder

A4 double sided folder with pocket

The urban toolkit is packaged in a folder that has an overview of the campaign, the campaign pledge, brief descriptions of all the components and suggstions for use.

Download folder
English WCU_FLDR_E.pdf (217 KB)

10 Stories to Talk About

A4, 24 page colour booklet

This is a set of 10 simple stories, each told in 4 picture frames, describing common events from birth to death. Questions at the end of each story helps discuss a variety of gender issues, and explore alternatives.

Download 10 stories...
English WCU_WBK_E.pdf (3.7 MB)


Kaun Banega Changemaker!

CD ROM and 3.5x4.5" 32 page Q&A booklet

This is an interactive quiz presentation that mimics a popular television show from a few years back. This tool helps a CM to pretend to be a celebrity host, and engage a large audience in an entertaining way.


Play KBC! (470 Kb)
Opens in a new fullsreen window.
Download KBC booklet
English WCU_KBC_E.pdf (236 KB)

Test Your Gender Quotient

A4 double sided piano-fold leaflet

This leaflet has set of 6 situations, each with multiple choice responses. A simple scoring system at the end describes the user's level of gender awareness. This tool can be used by a CM to initiate a discussion on gender issues with family and friends.

Download Test Your GQ
English WCU_GQ1_E.pdf (338 KB)

Power of One

A4 single sided piano-fold leaflet

This leaflet talks about 3 historic / inspirational characters who initiated some social change through personal action. The leaflet helps to communicate that change is possible, and that each one of us can initiate a small change.

Download Power of One
English WCU_POO_E.pdf (406 KB)

CM Planner

17x22" poster

This simplified planner has suggestions for small but significant changes. A CM can proudly display and add his or her own plans for change for each month. The purpose of this tool is to help CM to set personal goals and think about breaking gender stereotypes.

Download CM Planner
English WCU_CMP_E.pdf (311 KB)

CM Certificate

8" square single sided card

The certificate is meant to be personalized by each CM. This tool serves to strengthen a CMs identity in the campaign, be a keepsake as well as a reminder for the CM's commitment & role.

English WCU_CERT_E.pdf (291 KB)
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