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Fieldworkers' Ready Reckoners

Abbreviations used in this page
ANC : Ante Natal Care
PNC : Post Natal Care
DOTS : Directly Observed Therapy, Short Course

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In this series, the focus was on covering a wide range of issues comprehensively in a simple accessible format. Gender equality themes are woven into the key messages and activities wherever appropriate. The flipcharts were developed as quick references for experienced fieldworkers, mainly for use in West Bengal, Orissa, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka.

(March 2008)
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ANC | PNC | Family spacing | Child Nutrition | Child Health
Malaria | Tuberculosis | HIV/AIDS

1 : Ante Natal Care Flipchart

Sections: 1 For a healthy mother and child during pregnancy 2 Recognizing warning and risk signs during pregnancy 3 Recognizing emergency situations during pregnancy 4 Preparing for delivery

ANC Flipchart   download preview
ANC flipchart

2 : Post Natal Care Flipchart

Sections: 1 Care for the mother immediately after birth Care for the child immediately after birth.

PNC Flipchart   download preview
PNC flipchart

3 : Family Spacing Flipchart

Sections: 1 Identifying different family spacing needs identifying misconceptionsIdentifying gender biases exploring gender equal responses to different situationsunderstanding different contraceptives methods.

RR_FSP.pdf (1.2 MB)
family spacing flipchart

4 : Child Care (Nutrition) Flipchart

This flipchart comprises 2 sections, and includes discussion on gender issues :1 Identifying situations that help the child’s growth and development. Identifying situations that impede the child’s development.

Growth Charts

Weight-for-age; girls & boys; 0 to 5 years. Source: World Health Organisation; 2006

RR_CHN.pdf (756 KB)

WHO_WFA_CHT_06.pdf (127 KB)
child nutrition flipchart

5 : Child Care (Health) Flipchart

The key messages in this flipchart are around immunisation, safe disposal of feces, proper hygiene, safe drinking water, and pollution free environment.

RR_CHL.pdf (692 KB)

child health flipchart

6 : Malaria Flipchart

The key messages in this flipchart are around ways of early prevention and treatment of malaria, with special mention of the needs of pregnant women.

RR_MAL.pdf (1.2 MB)
malaria flipchart

7 : Tuberculosis Flipchart

The key messages in this flipchart are around care and treatment of TB. The flipchart also explores the consequences of neglect, discontinuation or completion of appropriate treatment (DOTS).

RR_TBC.pdf (497 KB)
TB flipchart

8 : HIV/AIDS Flipchart

The key messages in this flipchart are around ways of transmission, assessment of risk, its link with sexually transmitted infections, what to do if risk of infection is suspected.

The flipchart also raises discussions on attitudes towards people living with HIV, and on how positive people lead a healthy life.

RR_HIV.pdf (582 KB)
HIVAIDS flipchart

9 : Adolescence Guidebook

The adolescence section has been designed as a structured workshop activity. Instead of a flipchart, therefore, this section has a facilitators guidebook, a set of illustrated story cards, and a set of activity mats.

RR_ARH_G.pdf (1.3 MB)
Also see Champa Kit | Shankar Kit

Ado guidebook

9A : Adolescence Activity Cards

Each card presents a situation for participants to discuss. The stories raise issues around health, nutrition, peer-pressure, gender stereotyping, aggression, sense of purpose, sexuality and sexual health risks.

RR_ARH_C.pdf (744 KB)

Ado picture cards

9B : Adolescence Activity Mats

These laminated cards are meant for young people to doodle and write on as they participate in the activities. These activity mats help young understand and explore male and female reproductive systems. After the activities, the mats can be wiped clean and readied for the next workshop.

RR_ARH_M.pdf (353 KB)
Ado activity mats
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