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Self Training for Rural Women’s Self Help Groups

Abbreviations used in this page
SHG: Self Help Group/s


About CARE CASHE Project (2000-2006)

The Credit and Savings for Household Enterprise [CASHE] Project addresses the problem of low incomes of poor women and their limited control over that income. The project aims to increase the availability of a range of micro-finance services to poor, particularly rural women. One of the goals of the project is to help women to create and govern their own Micro Finance Institution.

This kit has been developed in collaboration with CARE West Bengal, and is designed to help field workers and SHG leaders to explore and share with group members, concepts related to group formation and functioning.The story and the related components were developed after extensive field research and testing.

The kit is structured around a story of a SHG. The single narrative weaves through all the modules, and is presented through flipcharts. The key issues discussed in the flipcharts are highlighted through activities and visual aids. The kit comprises four modules, each with one flipchart-style storybook, and one activity, game or a reference booklet. The modules can be used singly or in sequence with the other modules.


Module 1
Society, Poverty, Gender, Group as an option

Story 1 "Parul's Questions": The story opens with the journey of Parul, a young woman who observes social imbalances and asks provocative questions. Resources Game: Board Game and cards showing how resources and benefits are usually controlled by the rich and powerful, and how a women’s SHG is able to reverse this flow.

Download (Bengali)
Story 1 (3 MB) | Game Board (0.1 MB) | Game Cards (1 MB)



Module 2
How a group functions, Team Work and Leadership

Story 2 "Gouri Joins the Group": In this episode, Gouri hesitantly joins the SHG at Parul’s behest. The story explores common resistances and introduces ideas of group management, teamwork and leadership. Activity Set: Flipchart and cards exploring 6 key skills: Teamwork, Equal Participation, Problem Solving, Conflict resolution, Decision Making, Leadership styles.

Download (Bengali)
Story 2 (3 MB) | Activity Flipchart (2 MB) | Activity Cards (1 MB)



Module 3
Savings, Loans, Fees, Fines, Group Fund and Management

Story 3 "Who should get the loan?" Member Rama wants a loan but there is a conflict about who needs it more. The group resolves the conflict with reasoning. The story introduces concept of building assets through thoughtful utilisation of loans. Activity Set: Recording simple transactions, calculations using the Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation format.

Download (Bengali)
Story 3 (3 MB) | PME Chart (0.2 MB)



Module 4
Linkages, Clusters & Federations, Best Practices; Success Stories

Story 4 "The Best of all Groups": Four group members have just returned from a conference on functioning of SHGs. They share their experiences and learning with the group. Concepts related to linkages, clusters, federation and good practices are explored. FAQ Book: Illustrated book of frequently asked questions about SHGs; summarises key concepts and good practices.

Download (Bengali)
Story 4 (3 MB) | FAQ Book (4 MB)



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