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Interactive training aid on RGP methodology and tools.

Abbreviations used in this page
RGP : Reading Guarantee Programme
TLM : Teaching-Learning Material
SSM : Sarva Shiksha Mission

SLIP+ (School based Learning Improvement Programme Plus) is a UNICEF supported project under SSM West Bengal. RGP, a component of SLIP+, is implemented to ensure that children of Class II to IV acquire fluent and accurate reading competencies. The goal of RGP is to make each child an independent reader.


The RGP programme was developed by NEEV Foundation (an NGO spearheaded by educationist Prof. Jalaluddin). Training and technical extensions were provided by Vikramshila. (2008)

About this tool

The interactive CD ROM has been designed for use as a stand alone presentation at teacher training camps.


It can also be used by individual teachers who would like to brush up on specific techniques, or study the methodology in detail.

The contents are distributed into three sections : classroom video clips , FAQ, and testimonials.

This resource has been developed primarily in Bengali, except the FAQ section, which is accessible both in Bengali and English. The CD is available on request from Unicef, Kolkata (2008).


This section comprises video clips of a typical RGP class in progress. The classroom activities are split into short clips, with links to specific question in the FAQ section. Each clip has a voice-over commentary by a child, providing a student's perspective on the activities, and key information for teachers.


Classroom methods were filmed over a four hour session at the Mahesh Naryanganj Primary School, Murshidabad. The participating children were chosen randomly from classes 3 to 5. These children, though familiar with process, were being taught by the RGP master trainers for the first time.

screenshot: video


watch all these video clips on YouTube

Introduction to the RGP methodolgy
Baseline Process
Pre - Reading
Collective Reading
Group Reading
Mind Mapping
Independent Reading
TLM : Swarachart
TLM : Juktakshar
End of class



This section comprises 12 questions frequently asked by RGP trainees. It cover topics such as aims and objectives of RGP, specific strategies, monitoring and evaluation methods, how-to's, overview on tools and extensions, and brief history of the development process. This section includes images and video links.

screenshot : FAQ


This section comprises video clips of interviews of the different stakeholders in the RGP pilot programme. These interviews have been included to reflect the sense of ownership and pride that these stakeholders feel about the RGP programme, and to motivate trainees to take up the RGP methodology with enthusiasm.

screenshot : testimonials

RGP Mind mapping

Constructivism : Children pool-in their ideas to discover more than the sum of the parts.
Mind Mapping : the teacher helps a student to reconstruct a story from key words.

RGP kids presentation

students demonstrating the use of a word-wheel

Students demonstrating the use of play way teaching-learning tools


Class IV kids excited to be a part of the movie.

3 kids


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