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PWEL kit

Training tools for Poor Women's Economic Leadership Projects (Oxfam)

"Poor Women's Economic Leadership refers to the processes and outcomes through which poor women are able to effectively participate in, and meaningfully contribute to, economic decision-making and to gain control over economic resources, on an equal footing with men – at the household, community, national and global levels..."
excerpt from OXFAM PWEL concept note

In this page
User Manual
Mindmap | Valuechain
Powerwalk | PWEL Quiz

This interactive communication tool kit has been developed for Oxfam projects to introduce key concepts related to Poor Women's Economic Leadership. It has been designed for use by Oxfam staff, partners and community members associated with income generation or livelihood projects, at workshops and training sessions.


Images and narratives have been selected so that it can be used internationally across several countries.

The kit comprises several components that can be used independently, or with the others, depending on the training needs.


PWEL Kit User Manual

A4, colour, 24 pages

The manual provides detailed descriptions of the components and activities to help the facilitator conduct a workshop on PWEL.

PWEL_usm.pdf (556 Kb)

Mind Map Activity

48 double sided jigsaw pieces 5.5" square

The Mindmap activity is designed to help explore the core concepts related to Women's Economic Leadership, namely, Women's Decision Making, Women's Control over Resources, and Equal Relationships

It comprises 36 basic pieces with illustrations and text, and several "blank" pieces to enable participants to include their own ideas in the workshop.

PWEL Mind Map Cards (pdf 1.5 MB)


Value Chain Activity

24 jigsaw pieces 5.5" square

The Value Chain activity is designed to help participants to analyse womens involvement in business processes.

There are 12 basic pieces in the kit, each representing an enterprise in a simplified coconut value chain (specific to Sri Lanka). There are several blank pieces to enable participants to add to the list, or construct a value chain for a different business.

PWEL Value Chain Cards (pdf 1 MB)

Powerwalk Activity

configurable Flash application

Powerwalk is usually conducted with small groups without any special material. It demonstrates how gender and socio-economic inequalities affect individuals differently.

This interactive software version has been developed for use during workshops with larger groups. Characters and statements within the game can be configured by the user if necessary.

Try it out (Flash 52 Kb)

opens in a new window

"PWEL Champion" Interactive Quiz

configurable Flash application

This is interactive software can be used as an introduction to issues leading up to the idea of PWEL. The quiz format is based on a popular TV show. Each question has four alternative answers, one of which is correct.

Try it out (Flash 464 Kb)

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