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Street kids Rights & Safety



streetkids rights and safety material

This resource has been developed in Bengali,Hindi and English, and is available with CINI Asha, Kolkata (2008).


This is an illustrated workbook for older street children (adolescents), structured to help the facilitator conduct group activities over 7 sessions.

The workbook covers issues in a step-by step manner, leading gradually from concepts of equality, rights and risks to sexual abuse.

The last four activities are based on real life experiences of child victims of trafficking and abuse.

child rights and safety workbook

Download English PDF (2.1 MB)

Picture Storybook

This illustrated storybook is meant for younger street children (5 - 9 year olds). It is the story of 8 year old Tara, who lives on the streets with her parents.

Each page has questions that the facilitator can ask the children. This is to help the facilitator get feedback on what the children are understanding.

"tara's story" picture storybook

Download English PDF (2.9 MB)

Pocket Calendar

This simple pocket calendar has Rights of Children summarised, roughly one for each month. It is a double sided calendar in two languages, usable over two years. This is meant to be used as a take-home hand-out after a meeting with parents or guardians of the children.

pocket calendar (folded)

Download Bengali/Hindi
CR_leaflet.pdf 1,108 KB


A set of 3 posters were developed for specific stake holders in the project; the police, the community, and pharmacy owners / workers.


Imagery for the posters were developed by piecing together experiences shared by street kids, and then through a drawing workshop held with girls and boys of different age groups.

happy memories may be marked with drawings of flowers, while sad ones may have drawings of spiders and bugs.

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