Oxfam India May 15 project toolkit help build awareness among tribal small landholders on Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)  
C Central India Initiatives May 15 project Farmers Kit, design of toolkit to familiarise women farmer groups with practices related to a new and improved method of rice farming.  
Oxfam GB 2014 projects Women's Political Leadership, capacity building workshops based on the Diversity toolkit, with communities in Phillipines, Myanmar and Bangladesh.
Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy March 2014 project DIsability Awareness Kit, Design of pictorial tool to build community awareness on Cerebral Palsy  
Oxfam GB
Tata Consultancy Services
July 13 project Pilot test of the adapted corporate version of the Diversity toolkit, in collaboration with TCS; workshops with TCS staff in Pune and Mumbai.

YRC logo

Women Deliver May 13 event 5 Young women from YRCs attend the gender conference in Malaysia, most travelling for the first time outside their hometown; thanks to Frances Kissling.  

CEDPA India Jan 13 project Elected Women Representatives Pictorial Handbook, design of a reference booklet for a new generation of empowered women entering the arena of local governance. The booklet covers basics of the Panchayati Raj Institution, with special focus on Gender and Women's Health issues.  

YRC logo
Thoughtshop foundation 2012 summary New partnership with Indienhilfe, extending the YRC model to develop youth leaders and groups across 6 districts of West Bengal and Orissa. These Youth Action Groups would work to ensure children's right to education at the community level.

Sir Ratan Tata Trust
evaluates the YRC program and extends support till March 2015, to develop new YRCs and strengthen old groups.
Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy Dec 12 project Leadability Toolkit, development of a training process - including training methodology and tools - to enable people with disability to emerge as potential leaders and advocate for their rights.  
Oxfam India Oct 12 project Design of the new extended Watsan Community kit, for use by practioners with communities affected by disaters such as floods.  
YRC logo Thoughtshop foundation Aug 12 event Youth Resource Cell blog started, to capture stories and voices of young people as they go through the YRC process. Extension of the YRC modules on communication skills, social media.  
Oxfam GB Mar-Sep 12 project Action Research on Diversity in Society: implemented through Oxfam partners in India (West Bengal, Gujarat and Orissa) and Pakistan.  
Oxfam GB Mar ~ 12 project Womens Economic Leadership (WEL) : Development of training tools and games for Oxfam GB partner organisations across 11 countries. Currently at the field testing stage. Related to PWEL.  
Vasavya Mahila Mandali Feb 12 project Building Resilience, documentation of community based approach to HIV and AIDS - VMM Experience, 2000 - 2010