community youth leaders, healers, artists and designers... united by passion and purpose


Mira Kakkar President
dr. satadal saha secretary
Lipi Roychowdhury Treasurer
Veena Lakhumalani Member
Jeeja Ghosh Member
Saira Stephanos Member
Tridibesh Sanyal Member
himalini varma director
santayan sengupta director
Uma Singh Training Lead
Anjana Banerjee Healing Lead
Shampa Halder Mentorship Lead
Tahsina Bano Mentorship Lead
Bandana Makhal Livelihoods Lead
Punam Sadhukha Gen Sex Girls Lead
Sangita Das Mothers prog. lead
Moumita Das Mothers prog. lead
Suman Show Education Lead
Pranay Dolai Boys prog. lead
Azharuddin Sk Fathers prog. lead
Sonali Mitra YRC Nabadisha
Payel Das YRC Nabadisha
Soumita Chakravarty YRC Youth Voice
Tumpa Halder YRC nabadisha
debjani gayen YRC nabadisha
Munmun Das YRC Youth Voice
Sraboni Naskar YRC Ujaan
Susmita Bijoli YRC Ujaan
Jhumpa Khatun YRC KYP
Hakima Khatun YRC KYP
Madhusree Das YRC Swapno
Susmita Adak YRC Swapno
Sayan Jana YRC Swapno
Menoka Paik YRC Swapno
ritu halder YRC Hashi Khushi
Poritosh Pramanik YRC Hashi Khushi
Dipti Halder YRC Hashi Khushi
Pinki Sardar YRC Alor Sandhan
Ruma Sardar YRC Alor Sandhan
Nilam Balmiki YRC Drishtikon
Namomita Roy YRC Drishtikon
susmita mondal YRC Youth Voice
Ritika Halder YRC Ujaan
Sujata Banik YRC Ujaan
Deep Muhuri YRC Drishtikon
Omar Farukh M YRC KYP
Moinur Sk YRC KYP
Rijuyana Khatun YRC KYP
Asikur Sk YRC KYP
Piu Mandal YRC Swapno
sanjita patra YRC Swapno
anuradha maity YRC Swapno
bhabatarini mandal YRC Swapno
barsha mridha YRC Youth Voice
ruksha parveen YRC Alor Sandhan
raja haldar YRC Hashi Khushi
sumitra pramanik YRC Hashi Khushi
sumit bhattacharya YRC Nabadisha
sumit pramanik YRC Ujaan
padma sardar YRC Ujaan
anjali bharti YRC Drishtikon
madina khatun YRC KYP
krishna kandar YRC Swapno
sujata sardar YRC Nabadisha
Sahana Nag Senior Counsellor
Sumita Roychowdhury Graphics Support
Dilip Chakravorty Manager
Ashalata Das Coordinator
Piyali Sinharoy Accountant
Sushila Devi Kitchen Support
Ramesh Shaw Office Support

Himalini and Santayan lead the Thoughtshop Foundation team. Both are graduates of National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, with specialisations in Communication Design and Product Design. They have been using design thinking to address social challenges for over 25 years. Their core expertise lies in creating games, programmes and curricula to address social issues.


Youth Trainers started their journey as community based adolescents negotiating adverse life situations. Over the years they have grown with, and helped co-create the Community programme. Today have responsibilities at the YRC Federation level to monitor and manage the entire network of support-group clusters.


Youth Mentors are the next generation of young leaders from YRC Communities who have grown through the process and are now taking on more responsibilities, demonstrating their commitment to the YRC model. Mentors are supported by an even younger cadre of ~90 Children Mentors (16-18 year old) across YRCs.


A dedicated team of professionals support the TF programmes with a range of skills. This includes the TF kitchen team who ensures that everyone is fed hot, healthy and hygienic food.


The Governing Body supports the Leadership and Programme team to steer the organisation effectively and take policy decisions. The Team comprises senior and experienced professionals from communications, health, social development, disability, design, and finance sector.


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